High Pressure Sodium Lamps

 The mixtures of Na metal with liquid mercury are easily to introduce into a sodium lamp arc tube by the automated dispenser system, because they are solid and free flowing. Microchem produces a variety of sodium-mercury amalgams spheres with strictly controlled mass variation and compositions. We provide a variety of ultra-dry oxide and hydroxide-free amalgams with customized alkali compositions. High purity Na/Hg amalgams can be prepared withen the range of 3 Wt% up to 25 Wt% Na metal.
All the alkaline amalgams can be supplied with a certificate of analysis for composition, sphere mass and size distribution, etc.,.Also, we can provide you other amalgams combined with Cesium, Pottasium and Rubidium

Ultra dry : H2O, OH < 10 ppm / Free flowing / Wide range of compositions / Precisely sized spheres

Mercury amalgams

Composition range

Available sphere size


3 - 25 Wt% Na
10 - 30 Wt% Cs
3 - 15 Wt% K
5 - 25 Wt% Rb

0.1mg - 5.0mg
0.1mg - 5.0mg
0.1mg - 5.0mg
0.1mg - 5.0mg

Amalgams (Na/Hg) for high pressure sodium lamps