Ultra High Purity Metal halides-Support

World provider

As a world provider of ultra high purity halides for the lamp industry, We strive to give our customers quality products at a competitive prices within the high purity halides for lamp applications. We aim to give out customers in time answers to questions, quotations, and deliveries. Our new manufacturing computer system allows us to have live information about your manufactured lamps, allowing us to have accurate traceability on all your orders.

Customer Service

Our customer service personnel are trained to give you quick answers to all of your questions and concerns pertaining to orders.

Sales Engineers

We pride ourselves in having a Sales engineering staff with over 10 years experience in the lighting industry. They are trained to answer technical questions as well as provide timely quotations for your halides.

Shipping and Receiving

We are on line with DHL and FedEx for easy tracking of packages. Our staff is trained in giving you the best packaging for this very fragile glass vails. We export daily all over the world and provide you with the appropriate paper work for easy import.